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The Isles of Vanguard located west of Neverfall. A sacred place, the coliseum of the God’s you could say. The land crafted to hide weapons blessed by Sorin the God of War and Destruction. In this land of new beginnings for King Zamora Stormrider every moment of his life, another note plays the lullaby of his death.


The Sound of War

The smell of sweet ale and cedar wood fills the library. Zamora lost in his thoughts of what to say to his daughter Aurielia who’s husband has been killed. He grumbles and drinks his sorrows away, knowing nothing he could write would comfort her. He was never a good father to her he admit, but she was always getting into trouble. As his pages started to blow away from the wind ripping through the window, he hears it. One…two…three, the crack of lightning three times in perfect rhythm to Zamoras’ own heart beat. Daethos the God of Storm and Nature was coming, this is how he always comes. Zamora stands up and walks to the window to try and see Daethos face form into the clouds. All he hears like a whisper in his mind, Daethos voice says, “Jump and close your eyes. I will not allow harm to you my old friend.” Zamora nervously obeys his command. He leaps out of the building and into the rain. Zamora shooting down like a fallen star until he notices the rain has stopped and is running upwards. He blinks with disbelief a few times. When he opens his eyes up again he finds he is in the library again. The rain has stopped and the fire lit but not crackling. Vasaria the Goddess of Time and Knowledge steps out of an aisle of books. Daethos is found relaxing on the window ledge playing his flute. A sweet tune Zamora recognized, it was his wife’s lullaby. Vasaria reaches her hand to Zamoras’ face and projects a blur of images. Zamoras’ people being slaughtered his children burned alive, the sea of black warriors darting through every army, moving like mist. “You must summon warriors to find our gift to your sons. These warriors can lead you to peace. Without them you will die,” Vasaria says with a grim look. Daethos turns to Zamora and ask, “Have you heard of the song of your soul?” Zamora quickly shakes his head no as a dark melody begins to play from Daethos flute. He allows the song to slow, Vasaria places her hand on his shoulder, leans in to his ear and whispers, “Your song is slowly ending so you must make haste. Summon your finest and end this great darkness threatening you now.” With a snap of Daethos fingers Zamora realizes he back against the window looking at the ground, the rain is normal. With a deep breathe and another drink he quickly began to scribble the orders to summon the best adventurers in all of Vanguard.

Main Page

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