Isle of Vanguard

Down the Road to Hell In Search of a Man Named "M"

The party shocked by the sight laying before them. The beautiful lake that begins to darken and age. The water began to steam taking shape into skulls drifting from the surface of the water. Gummy hears the forest creatures beginning to scurry away from the lake warning them the shurrigans are approaching. The party arm themselves with just enough time for them to defend against the wave of attacks.


The shurrigans begin to over take the party and when all seems lost, The smoke is blown away as a blue dragon descends down and killing the remaining shurigans. Vance bleeding out from his wounds falls unconscious but is resurrected by the blue dragon when he sends a lighting bolt into his heart burning his flesh and cauterizing the wounds.


The blue dragon looming over the party says, “You must not die here today. Mother would be displeased you have fallen so early.”
“Whom is your mother?” Tyr asks gripping his bow tightly ready to draw on its power if needed.
“She has many names but for you to figure out. Travel forth for I, Domar will not save you again.” The dragon takes to flight traveling east until out of sight.

The party weakened, but alive decide to head toward the bandit camp in search for “M.”

With a heavy heart Rayn slowly follows her new found friends as they head on their three day journey to the bandit camp. Consumed by the sins of the past wishing she could forget, the screams of the people she was forced to torture. The only thing she didn’t regret about her past was that she killed Kiuth and dismantled the Black Claw. She pushed it out of her mind when she heard Freya yell, “The fuck is a tree doing in the middle of the road? Im going to chop this sucker down!”

“No please do not hurt me.” The tree said in return.
The party quickly jumps back in response trying to draw their weapons when the tree turns into a dark elf. “Let me explain. My name is Jade I was heading out of town. I was worried when a saw a big group of adventures. I meant you no harm I swear.”

“Why a tree?” Tyr ask trying not to burst into laughter.
“You must be a illusionist.” Gummy says.
“If you attack us Ill chop you up I swear it!” Freya yells at Jade.

“It honestly would have blended betterhad I seen you a bit sooner but I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to the tree line before you saw me.” Jade smiles hopefully trying to encourage the party not to kill him.

“What do you seek out of this town? Most people from Varia never leave their home town unless to adventure.” Rayn asks inquisitively.

“Correct but I do not live in Varia. I am on my own for now to gain riches and to hopefully learn new magic on the way.” Jade laughs neverously.

While Gummy and Tyr exchange glances and silently agreeing to offer him to join the party, hoping another adventurer would speed their process in finding the relics. Vance checks his crystal to see if this Jade person causes the crystal to react. Vance sees a small glow and the crystal vibrates lightly as to signal no threat. The party offers Jade an invitation with the condition if Jade betrays the group, he will die.

“I will travel with you but what is your quest?” Jade asks with slight worried it would involve going in search of the red dragon he saw many moons ago.

“We search for items for the King Zamora to stop a terrible fate.” Freya says.
Tyr throws her a look like don’t tell everyone. Freya sticks her tongue out at him in protest.

“I see which way shall we head then.” Jade responds.

“We encountered some bandits the other day, that had a map and a letter from a guy named M saying to hunt us down. Their camp looks to be about a half a day travel slightly northwest of Varia.” Tyr smiles knowing he will gladly kill those who tried to hurt his companions.

“Lead on then friend” Jade says as he turns to extend his hand to allow them to pass and lead the way.

“Are we on the right road?” Jade asks.
“Yea, why do you ask?” Tyr responds.
“Things look different then when I came, but I guess that is what happens when I drink to much.” Jade laughs.
“That’s why you couldn’t get to the tree line fast enough” Gummy retorts in laughter.
“Yup!” Jade laughs.

The road is lined in thick trees, plants and mushrooms of different colors. The road is long and curves up a hill. As the party descends down the hill the sweet smell in the air becomes unbreathable as the huge green gas sprays out of the purple mushroom spores.


The party reacts by bolting through the forest at full speed, Gummy, Jade, and Freya fell prey to the gas. Tyr, Vance and Rayn decided to react quickly by using stabilizing kits to heal up their fallen companions.

“What the hell happen to the forest?” Jade asks.
“I guess the forest is reacting to us taking Stratas’ Rain from Lake Havera.” Tyr replies.
“Looks like the forest is fine up ahead.” Rayn points head toward the clearing ahead.

The road opens up into a clearing as it turns north heading away from Varia. The clearing allows the sun to feel warm against the adventures skin. The group sighs with relief when they can see up ahead the entrance to the cave on the map. Freya, Vance and Tyr take the front and start heading down the road.

A loud scream breaks out causing the three leaders of the group to freeze with fear. As they try to get away from the sound three harpies swoop out of the trees and start attacking the party.


The fight seems to be lost as Vance falls. Freya seeing a shinning necklace on one of the harpies decides to thorn-whip it off mid fight. (Necklace of Prayer Beads.) As Freya begins fall the rest of the party rushes in to save them.

The party decides to camp for the night and heal up. Tyr and Rayn go to sleep while everyone stays up on our first watch. Gummy hears a voice in the distance, he knows it is from a fey creature.


“Don’t go that way you will surely die. Let me show you a safer way.” The creatures voice was soft and enchanting. Gummy was no match for the charm this creature was speaking. “Gummy let me show you the way so you can return to your party.”

“Guys this creature says she knows a better way into this cave. We should follow her and gain the advantage.” Gummy pleads with the group.

“Gummy are you sure we can trust her?” Freya asks.

“Yes, come on. we must hurry” Gummy yells back to the party after he begins running after the fey voice.

Freya and Jade run after him while Vance stays to guard the camp. They run in the cold night to catch up to Gummy in the clearing where there are four leaf and two bark Dryads. They Dryads all speak in unison as if they shared one mouth. “You disturb our forest you shall perish.”


The three all try to run back towards the camp knowing they made a grave mistake. Gummy is struck down before he can even turn around by one of the bark ones. Two of the leaf Dryads turn on Jade cutting him down. Freya makes it just with in shouting distance before she is grabbed by a leaf Dryad. The Dryad looks deep into Freyas’ eyes and whispers, “My enemy is your enemy this is a pack forged by blood.” She then cuts Freya on the neck with one of the leaves from her hand, then disappears.

Back at the camp Vance hears the muffled scream of his new found friend. He wakes the others with haste and they rush off into the night after the group. They find both Jade and Gummy lying on the ground unconscious. Then they hear the loud foot steps of Freya running out of the night toward Tyr and strikes him with her axe. The group stunned by Freya allow the Dryads to return from the wood into the clearing and after the adventures. The first Dryad knocks Freya out. The three remaining party members versus the six Dryads an even mash up both take nasty wounds but soon Rayn, Tyr, and Vance are victorious. They patch up the wounds of their friends and head back to camp to let them rest before mornings break.

Rayn wonders what the future will bring. To be only at the start of this journey, for the party to have gone through so much, were they going to be enough to stop this storm, or will the storm come and the heavens fall until only hell remains. This is where she makes a bond to herself that she will fight even if it means death to stop this storm, to hopefully earn forgiveness for her past. She silently prays to Daethos God of Storms and Vasaria Godess of Time and Knowledge to give her and this group strength on what seems like the most impossible quest.


As the party walks up to the cave they see a beautiful woman dressed in slightly tattered garments of brown and green. She has tattoos running up her arms and onto her neck of what looks like very old writing. No one in the group even knows what language it may be. She spins a quarter staff in her right hand while she sits on a rock.

“Took you long enough to get her.” She speaks.
“Who are you?” Tyr speaks for the group.
“You of all people should know how to pay respect Tyr.” She points at him and drops him to his knees. “Isn’t that correct?”

The party shocked by the raw power of the woman bow when Tyr pleads.

“Who are you?” Freya stammers.

“Who I am is not important it is who you are. You have gathered together to stop the storm. You are not as impressive as I was hoping. Today would have been the day you died had I not been here. Lucky for you I see all things.” She turns her head to the trees nearby and snaps her fingers. A dozen harpies on either side fall and scatter into dust.

As she turns her head back Tyr is able to see the features of a familiar face from his past. He wouldn’t really call it a friend but an acquaintance he has meet a few times. He speaks to the party who watch as he bows deeper. “This is Arellia daughter of King Zamora.” The party lower their head in respect.

“I see you have acquired Normatas bow. Now you are searching for Gorithian the legendary spearman. He once was the leader of his tribe, revered as a great hero who won many wars. He was a smart and fierce warrior his enemy would kill themselves rather than be capture, to spare being tortured. Malak is who you must find to get to his weapon. He is the only one whom knows where it is. Malak is evil, to get to him you will have to go through hell first. He is smart and very powerful. He is in this cave. I can feel the evil flowing from him.” The adventures hear the flapping of wings and look up to the sky to see the same blue dragon from the other day swooping down next to her. She reaches her hand out and pets the dragons head. “I know Domar helped you out the other day, that was your wake up call. This path you are on is not one for the faint of heart, but you must continue forth. You are the only hope. I will give you each something to help you out on this quest.” She stands and walks over to the party.

Touching Gummys forehead she says, “You may now cast one more spell for I have given you extra magicka.”

“Freya your heart is as big and you are fierce you will need to remember that, fight with all your heart.” She feels an increase in her life force. (+5HP Perm)

“Rayn may you run the past as swiftly as your feet may carry you.” (+1 to Dex Attribute)

“Tyr listen to the bow, give into its strength it means no harm and is good by nature. Remember it may not always do good but will never mean to do bad. Harnessing it’s power requires a sacrifice but can be helpful in times of need. I will attune this to you.” (D8 per arrow if invoked d6 to all targets upon hit.)

“Jade may your illusions be grand and may you find happiness in the bottle.” (Extra spell slot)

“Vance may your blade strike as face as your mind, and as fierce as your tongue.” (+1 to hit and +1 dmg)

“Domar?” she walks way from the group. The dragon stomps his feet on the ground as a lightning surges out from under it, rushing toward the adventures. Once it reaches them the lightning crawls up them and coats their armor with a strange purple light. “That’s all for now Domar thank you.” Domar nods in agreement and takes to flight. “When you fight creatures of the night you will be stronger.” (+2 AC against undead)

’Thank you, your highness." Tyr says while his friends nodded in agreement.

“You need not refer to me by highness, I left that life long ago when my father asked me to leave. That was one of the best days of my life. My sisters were not as happy as I was. They wished for his death, I however didn’t care enough for my father to care. I went off to find happiness. Now go forth and we will meet again soon.” She turns around walking toward the cave mouth and fades into dust.

The party filled with high hopes descend into the mouth of the cave lead by Freya. Freya was met with an oil flask when she made it to the bottom of the stairs, with out even a second to dodge she is struck with a fire arrow. Tyr and the group rush into the room and although they were badly injured in this fight they had won, they had overcome yet another hurdle but they all wondered what else the Gods’ were going to throw at them.




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