King Zamora Stormrider



Race: Elf
Age:403 yrs
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 145 lb
Kingdom: Light Rend (True ruler of the Vanguard)
Weapon- Sword of Daethos


Zamora was once a favored general among the ranks of the Tolataire (To-la-tear) Knights. These knights were hand selected by the King of Never Winter Lord Homlek. During the great twenty year war, the Adian (Aid-e-in) Empire is closing in on Terra the great city of Never Winter. Homlek who was a man of great faith was visited by the Gods to send Zamora west to the Isle of Vanguard with the great treasures of Never Winter, warning him that failure to send all the treasure and citizens of his great city would bring more suffering then an could bear.

Within two years time Zamora saw the land his new kingdom laid before him. Over the course of the next 50 years Zamora built great smaller kingdoms and birthed five sons and four daughters. He gave the sons their kingdoms and gave the daughters a bit of treasure and sent them on their way to chose their own life.

In his prime he was a great soldier now as age reaches in his years he has become less active but still is recognized as the one and true ruler of kings.

King Zamora Stormrider

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