Isle of Vanguard

The Question the Riddle and the Rain.

Adventure One 11/22

In the kingdom of Escalea, a town woven within the great tree known to locals as Raviana “the tree of life.” Freya heads into the woods to go hunt for her father and sisters, frustrated that her father does not recognize her as the true leader of her clan. She wonders how nice it will be to prove to her father that she is the most “worldy.”

“Freya wait up!”

She turns around and reaches for her great axe not knowing who’s voice that was shouting at her.

“Dirk asked me to deliver this letter to you today, he said he thinks it will help you on your pursuit to become head of your clan.”

She thanks him and quickly sends him off because she didn’t want to lose a prey that could be around. She sees the king has summoned her with the promise of great rewards. Quickly she packs up her belongings, she turns to head west toward Lightrend and begins the long journey.

Gummy a man who travels the world in search for answers and to find and speak to new species of animals, rest in his cave in the Jahr Forest. The smell the cedar wood in the fire is a simple delight to him as he slowly drifts towards sleep. A scream pulls him away from his dream world and back to reality. He sprints out of his cave and toward the nearest path. He see a man being attacked by two bandits. With a snap of his fingers he magic missiles the two men.

“Thank you sir! They were going to kill me if I didn’t give them all of my gold! Please take this letter to Lightrend the king needs your help!”

The overwhelming need for answers of why, how, and for what plague at Gummy’s mind. He tells the herald, “I search for answers to great mysteries. I will speak with the king but now I must depart swiftly if I am to make this deadline.”

Freya makes her way around by town talking to the locals about where to go in this massive maze of a town called Lightrend. She manages to find the bridge leading to the main keep. Standing before her are two burly guards wielding gold spears.


As she approaches them Gummy who is working his way toward the keep notices her pull out her letter and hand it to the guards. He is able to read the lips as the guards say, “You must prove you are a strong enough warrior before you enter this keep.” The guards pull out their spears with great speed and begin their assault. Freya swings and misses as one of the spears pierces her shoulder. Gummy rushes into action by casting magic missile. One of the guards falls dead, while the other goes to deal a killing blow to our hero Freya, an arrow shoots down from the sky into the back of the guards leg pinning him to the ground, and passing out as he fell from the amount of pain.

Freya and Gummy both look at each other and agree to travel together convinced that a magic arrow just saved their life. They head through the Garden of Sun Spheres and to the graveyard. The air is cold and the wind rips through the graveyard, they see and older man hunched over a grave. The man seems to weep and they can hear him mumbling yet unable to make out the words. The grave before him reads “Thenriel Nightgrove a beloved monk and husband. You will forever be missed.”

Freya decides to speak to the man, she startles the man but King Zamora turns to look at them. He beckons them closer to speak with him. He tells about the dream and about how important it is that they find these ancient artifacts scattered through out this land and give them to his sons. He also informs them that another will be joining them, “Tear please come out.” As silent as the night a man drops off of a tombstone to the ground behind Freya."

Freya feeling the wind of the fall behind her she spins around with lighting speed and the blade to her great axe smacks the man almost cracking his jaw. The King burst into a fit of laughter and manages to spit out, “I’ve been trying to do that for years but he seems to quick!”

“Tear what do you think of this group, will they be good enough?”
“I do not know they had their troubles with the guards but this is a start.”
“I bide you all good night and good luck” the King says.

The party lost on what to do now was so busy that when the lighting bolt casted down from the heavens, they were not able to dodge the debris splintering off the tombstone. As they look closer to the stone they realize it is a message but from who is the question.

“The fall of a beloved will bring forth a great ally, yet if shunned the end will come. The House of Normata is the place you shall seek, for Stratas Rain is the prize you will keep. Just remember the words I speak, look down on the water what do you see?”

Our adventures lost on the exact direction to go decided it would be best to head to the local tavern to gather information on the House of Normata. On their way Tear remembers the name Normata was once in a legend he heard long ago.


Gummy, Freya and Tear go into the tavern in the merchant district, hoping they will find a well traveled bard. The tavern smells like sweet wine and warm bread. There is a very attractive elf bard in the corner singing a sweet melody. The group decides to take a seat nearest to the woman. The waitress comes over and asks the group for their papers before getting a drink, mainly because Gummy cant touch the ground. They order wine and the soup of the day. As the bard finishes her song the men cheer and make sexual comments about her playing their flute.

She sits down at the bar and orders herself some strong ale. The group realizes this is their chance to seek the information they need. The argue over who should go over there and talk to her. Freya is decided two to one, with a sigh she gets up and heads toward the bar. Quietly Tear and Gummy make a bet of one gold that the bard would get her in the bag.

Leka turns toward Freya over hearing the argument about who would come over and if she would sleep with them. Leka give her a good smile and winks. Freya sits down and before she can order an ale sits before her.

“What can I do for you beautiful?” She ask Freya with a big smile.
“I wanted to see if you knew anything about the House of Normata, or maybe tell me the legend.”
“I can do that but what do I get in return sweetie?” She pushes out her breasts a little bit toward Freya.
“What do you want?” Freya stammers.
“Lay with me tonight and I will tell your friends as well.”

Freya nods her head in agreement as she walks arm in arm with the beautiful Leka. Gummy sighs and rolls a gold piece to Tear as Leka begins to sing the legend.

“Once long ago there was a man named Normata,
who with a snap of his bow string, made the sky fall.
Even with this great power he was still only a man,
sickness swept through him,
he left his home and followed the wind.”

After the song the group decided to relax for the night and allow Freya to pay her debt.

The next morning Freya, Tyr, and Gummy sit around the table in the inn. Freya not doing so well from the long night. They begin discussing their plan of action. When they see a spearman walk into the tavern holding a crystal in his hand.

Tyr feels in his pocket for his own identical crystal. As the spearman orders his drink Tyr notices the bar keep slip a root into the bottom of the cup. Tyr whom is familiar with her knows the bar keep is using her signature move to seduce a man, the chug and drug she calls it. The spearman falls to the ground with a loud smack. He reaches up to the counter and he slowly lifts himself up to resting against the bar. He slowly reaches for the water skin and drinks it causing him to vomit.

Tyr never seeing a man be able to resist the root invites the man to the table and he introduces himself as Vance. He tells them he has traveled to Lightrend to find this noble mans son, he doesn’t have any leads other than the crystal which has guided him to this tavern. He asks if he can travel with them during his search the party agrees. When Vance hears they are heading in search of Normata, he remembers hearing a old man rambling that Varia was the home of a great bowman. The party decides that this is the best lead they have. Freya not feeling well decides to head to the temple to get healed up before she goes.

When she arrives at the temple the priest informs her that her condition is the clap. He will cure it with the blessing of Anuleia the goddess of fertility, but in return she would have to take this silver ring with a notch in it for another ring and find the second to the set. (If put together it would make the infinity symbol) Freya agrees and she meets up the party gathering the last bit of supplies for their journey.

As they begin their journey south toward Varia they encounter a group of bandits. They manage to take them out only suffering the minor damage. The group decided to search them and find a hand written note in one of the bandits pocket along with a map..

“Your target is the four adventures heading south the Varia. You must kill them and bring me their belongings.” M

The group continues their journey after the bandit encounter. The next afternoon they see two figures travelling down the road. The party speeds up a bit to get a better look at them. They see a female tiefling walking down the road dragging a cleric by a chain around her neck. When the party greets her they ask the cleric if she is okay and order the tiefling to drop the chain around the neck of the cleric or they would execute her. After a few minutes of exchange they find out the cleric has no memory of who she is and the Tiefling Rayn is on the quest to Lake Havera because she heard of some magic bow was supposed to be there.

The party offer to help them on their journey in hopes this magical bow was the item Normata used. So they continue the half day journey to the lake. When the party arrives they see a landscape that looks untouched for many years.


As the party is walking along side the lake six spears fly out of the water and strike four of the party members. As the bully-wags appear out of the water the group begin their assault. After the battle the group finds a chest on the side of the lake. The chest has slots for three seals but only one is still left in it. Below the seals in elvish reads, “Remove the seal and I will lock forever, place the seal and I will return what is yours.” Gummy begins to look around for whom might have removed one of the other seals.

Gummy notices a Shurigan swimming around the lake and tries to get his attention. The shurigan swims over to the party and explains this lake is magical and if you wield a weapon or even think about attacking anyone the guardians will try to kill you. Gummy asks him about what is on the center island, the shurigans’ face changes to slight terror.

“No one is allowed on the island. The island is where our god lives. That place is magically protected.”

The party sees a group of bandits across the lake pulling their spears out to fish. From the center of the island rocks shoot off decapitate the bandits and their bodies fall down where they stood. The party seeing that decided to put their weapons into chest. Freya decides she will not stick around for that and she heads to Varia. Tyr, Rayn, and the cleric decided to wade into the water and instantly they feel refreshed and their wounds heal. They swim to the island in the middle of the lake to look around. They see a beautiful stone archway near the cliff side of the island along with a small alter with a second inscription.

“Look into the water and what do you see?”
“Water” Rayn answers. When she answers nothing happens.
“A reflection” Tyr says.

The water sprays into the sky and slams down on top of the island knocking the cleric off. When the cleric climbs back up they look down from the cliff, the see a huge archway on the surface of the water. They proceed to jump into the glowing archway below and are transported to what the players describe as a place in the sky. The clouds makes up the floor, walls, and ceilings in this place. They head down the road and come to a opening.


The three notice on the left their is a small farming area and a house straight ahead there is a woman and a man relaxing on the porch. The man helps his wife into the house and returns to greet the party.

“Why are you here?” the man speaks.
“We came here in search of the house of Normata. We need his bow in order to stop this storm.” Tyr says clearly.
“Daethos why have you done this to me? You were supposed to let me protect her and now.” He pauses. “If I give you my bow I will lose everything so I will ask you one question. Why should I give it up to you?”
“We need it to save the world, without it we will not succeed,” Tyr pleads.
“Your world means nothing to me. I held up my end of the bargain, I will not give up my bow to you…I will not kill my wife for you” The man shouts at Tyr.

His wife walks out of the house and tells the man, Nomata you have protected me and gave me a life a lot longer than I could have ever have dreamed of. I love you but I am tired and I’m ready to die. Go get your bow dear."

He lowers his head in defeat walks away back into the house.

“If you are to end my husband and I’s life for this bow you must do me a favor. I want you to kill us with the bow do not let us fade away,” She pleads to the party.

Tyr nods. Rayn tears up. Cleric starts regaining her memory on why she ran away in the first place due to the similar events. She remembers that she was ordered to kill her whole family.

Normata comes back with a bow and hands it to Tyr. “Take it and leave me to my wife,” the man said. As he walks away Tyr draws his first arrow but when he releases the string thousands of arrows release at the couple.


Vance and Gummy look into the chest and notices that all the original parties equipment is gone. Worried they looked to the lake where the party disappeared just in time to see hundreds of arrows shoot into the sky from the portal. Vance and Gummy notice Ryan and Tyr swimming back to shore. They shout for the cleric but the face on Rayn describes it all. The cleric is dead she didn’t make it out.

When the party got back out of the water they were able to pop the seal back into the chest and remove their equipment before the overwhelming sound of croaking begins. The party sees sixty bully-wags rushing toward them.

“Invoke my name and wield me. I will protect you.” Tyr hears in his head. He also feels a surge of power coming from the bow and he lifts it towards the sky, “Stratus Rain fall from the heavens and bless this ground.” The arrow glides into the sky disappearing into the clouds now forming overhead. The sight of shooting stars rain down from the heaven and covers the lake with arrows, and the remains of the bully-wags splatter everywhere.

Everyone stares at Tyr in disbelief and he lowers the bow down to side as his hand begins to bleed. He feels the weight of what he had to do, yet he shrugs it off to stay strong for his party.



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